I have a store on Squareup where you can find some of my larger paintings for sale. Click HERE to access it.
If you look very carefully at the text below each of my paintings in my portfolio here on my website, you will see each one is marked either "for sale" or "sold". I do try to keep this website as current as possible. If there is an original painting you are interested in purchasing, please contact me about availability. Also, be sure to check my Squareup store (mentioned above).
I am open to custom commissions, feel free to run your ideas by me and I'll see what we can work out...


I have a regular spot on the Every Day Original website, the 26th of every month I post a new, affordable painting for sale. Be sure to sign up on their mailing list to get early access.

I've licensed some of my images to Heaven and Earth Designs.

Visit my Etsy shop at, where you can find prints and small originals availble for sale.


Goblin Market on Amazon

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